Divorce Tips

March 2017

Forty Things Divorce Lawyers Think You Should Know

Considering A Divorce? This article has some very useful tips. http://www.reviewjournal.com/business/money/40-secrets-only-divorce-attorneys-know          

HighNetWorthDivorces.com To Produce Video On Divorce In US


Considering Divorce? Here Are Seven Issues You Have To Understand

A divorce can raise complicated financial, emotional and legal issues. Here are seven important tips from a top family law expert.  If you or someone you know is considering a divorce, you should read this [...]

February 2017

Need A Top Family Lawyer In Guilford, Alamance or Orange North Carolina?

Going through a high net worth divorce or for that matter any divorce can be quite stressful. Similarly, family conflicts regarding custody, visitation and alimony can also be very upsetting. Finding and hiring the right [...]

January 2017

Considering Divorce? Do You Need A Lawyer Who Is An Expert In High Net Worth Divorces?

When people think of high net worth divorces, they sometimes conjure up images of athletes and celebrities who are ending their marriages and are having their break up covered in great detail by the media [...]

December 2016

Reproductive Law: Who Owns The Embryos

Reproductive law is likely to be a growing field and the new technology creates many important and complicated legal issues. Here is a link to a piece that points out some interesting theories about embryos, [...]