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New York, NY-More than fifty law firms from around the United States are now members of

These lawyers have years of experience with complicated high net worth divorce cases, a strong on line presence as well as a high AAVO rating.

Some of the member attorneys have written books and have created informative and educational videos and articles on divorce and topics related to family law.

One member has written a book on the tax implications of a high net worth divorce.

Another member is an expert on protecting family businesses in a marital dispute.

And a third member handles divorces involving athletes, hedge fund managers and physicians.

Members of this directory and referral service get the exclusive listing in their county or city. Unlike other directories, this allows top attorneys to be listed as the only family lawyer in their geographic location.

As lawyers who market their firms know, there are advantages of being the only family lawyer in their city or county.

In addition, family attorneys can list as many specialties as they like. So, terms like pre nuptial agreements, child support, alimony, post nuptials, child abuse, restraining orders, civil unions, separation agreements, tax law can be associated with your firm and your listing.

Potential clients will be drawn to the site via local and national radio commercials, local newspaper ads, pay per click advertising, press releases, educational videos, SEO, pay per click advertising, public relations and press releases.

One of the radio spots can heard by clicking on the radio link on the home page of

Members of the community can have their videos, articles, interesting cases and accomplishments featured on the site.

Attorneys can also network with accountants, forensic accountants, marriage counselors, therapists, financial planners, psychiatrists, psychologists, private investigators, other lawyers and a range of professionals who will join the site.

Lawyers can also have access to the site’s founder to get help and tips with all of their marketing efforts.

Dr. Jay P. Granat is a psychotherapist, author, licensed marriage and family counselor and the founder of

He has been featured in the National Law Journal, The New York State Bar Journal, The New Jersey Law Journal and The Texas Bar Journal. He has lectured to numerous bar associations and The NJ Institute Of Continuing Legal Education.

One of the law firms he worked with grew from two offices to five offices. The head partner of that firm called Dr. Granat a marketing genius.

A former university professor and the author of a Persuasive Advertising For Entrepreneurs And Small Business Owners and How To Expand Your Law Practice With Cost Effective Advertising And Public Relations: 101 Ways To Attract More Clients, Dr. Granat has built several successful on line businesses.

He has consulted with more than 1,000 law firms and he has been featured mainstream media including Good Morning America, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Lawyers who want to attract more high net worth divorce cases, increase their profits and build that practice can talk to Dr. Granat at 201 647-9191. You can also email him at

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