Over the years, I have counseled a number of clients who were living in an arranged marriage.

I became curious as to what the divorce rate was like among these couples.

Interestingly, the divorce rate among people in arrange marriage is a fraction of what it is among couples in traditional Western style relationship.

The divorce rate among couples in the United States has been approximately 48 per cent to 52 per cent for quite some time.

The divorce rate among couples in arranged marriages is estimated at being about 6 percent.

Now, it is important to note that divorce is often frowned upon by cultures and religions that believe in arranging marriages.  So, people may tend to stay in these relationships and work harder to maintain them due to cultural norms and pressure to stay married-even if you have unhappy.

It is important to study  marital satisfaction among couples in traditional marriages vs. couples in arranged marriages.

How happy people are in their existing relationship is an important issue which social psychologists and sociologists frequently focus on their research.