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Divorce Advice Videos

Janice G Roven

Janice Roven asks "What Can I Do For You?" She listens to her clients' needs and goals.

How to CoParent

Do you live or work in Manhattan? Are you considering a Divorce? Listen to Janice Roven discuss the importance of planning Co-Parenting.

How to Divorce A Narcissist

Janice G. Roven explains how a skilled lawyer can guide you in dealing with a Narcissist through the divorce process.

How to deal with a difficult adversary in a divorce

Sarah N. Goldenthal - Attorney at Callagy Law explains options available in dealing with an uncooperative adversary.

How to effectively resolve a High Net Worth Divorce with low litigation fees

Christopher R. Cavalli, Partner at Callagy Law gives advice on how to resolve a High Net Worth Divorce without spending a lot of money on legal fees in Bergen County NJ

What you need to understand about a Custody Battle

Brian McCann, Partner at Callagy Law addresses the emotional and legal complexities involved in custody battle issues and disputes.