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Divorce Tips

September 2016

Who Are The 50 Best Lawyers In The US To Handle High Net Worth Divorces?

Press Release from PR Web. Announcing a new directory and referral service to connect Family Law Firms that handle high net worth clients in need of legal help. Click Here to see PR Web Press [...]

Law Firm Marketing: Build Your Family Practice With One Psychological Technique

Jay P. Granat, Ph.D. Founder, HighNetWorthDivorces.com     In 2014, there were more than 800,000 divorce filings in the United States. Consequently, there were millions of legal consultations concerning relationships that were in distress. During [...]

HighNetWorthDivorces.com Featured In Texas Bar Journal

The founder of HighNetWorthDivorces.com, a new directory and referral service was recently featured in an article that appeared in the Texas Bar Journal Blog.  Here is the link to that piece: http://blog.texasbar.com/2016/09/articles/guest-blog/build-your-family-practice-without-spending-a-penny/

Who Are The 50 Best Lawyers To Handle Your Divorce?

For Immediate Release New York, NY-More than fifty law firms from around the United States are now members of www.HighNetWorthDivorces.com. These lawyers have years of experience with complicated high net worth divorce cases, a strong [...]

Dr. Jay Granat Featured In Texas Bar Journal

Jay P. Granat, Ph.D. psychotherapist, author and Founder of HighNetWorthDivorces.com, was recently featured in The Texas Bar Journal. In this piece, Dr. Granat shows family lawyers how to build their firm without spending any money [...]

How To Build Your Family Law Firm Without Spending A Penny

Here is a link to an article that I wrote which was featured in the Texas Bar Journal. http://tinyurl.com/hxkxl98