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December 2016

Reproductive Law: Who Owns The Embryos

Reproductive law is likely to be a growing field and the new technology creates many important and complicated legal issues. Here is a link to a piece that points out some interesting theories about embryos, [...]

October 2016

High Net Worth Divorces. What Happens To A Professional Practice?

High net worth divorces can frequently involve a spouse’s professional practice. When a physician, lawyer, dentist or accountant goes through a divorce, there are a few issues he or she needs to understand as to [...]

Divorce And Family Law As An Art Form In North Carolina

  I recently interviewed Attorney Patrick McCroskey regarding the management of high net worth divorces like the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie case, which is currently receiving a lot of media attention. Mr. McCroskey has [...]

Considering A Divorce In Wake County? Meet The Divorce Sherpa

A Sherpa is someone who prepares climbers for a treacherous journey and guides climbers up and down dangerous paths, frightening terrain in the challenging altitude of the Himalayan Mountains. Jill Jackson, Attorney At Law at the [...]

September 2016 Featured In Texas Bar Journal

The founder of, a new directory and referral service was recently featured in an article that appeared in the Texas Bar Journal Blog.  Here is the link to that piece:

Tharrington, Smith Of Raleigh North Carolina Join

Are you a high net worth individual?  Are you considering divorce?  Do you live in or near Raleigh? If you want a firm with expertise in handling divorces involving significant assets, Tharrington, Smith has a [...]