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Legal Advice

August 2016

Divorce Tips: How To Survive With Teamwork

A high net worth divorce, or for that matter any divorce, can be emotionally, financially and physically draining. In order to make it through this process, you need to assemble your own team to give [...]

Should You Litigate Or Mediate Your High Net Worth Divorce?

Mediation can save a lot of time, money and emotional energy. However, when couples have complicated assets or complicated emotional issues,  this kind of case may not be suitable for mediation. One Important Tip   [...]

Professional Athletes And Divorce

Over the years, I have counseled a number of athletes who have decided to terminate their marriages.   Several years ago, I was consulted in a divorce matter involving two professional basketball players who had [...]

How To Attract And Manage High Net Worth Divorces

On Tuesday, August 30, 2016, I will interview the highly experienced and well known family lawyer, Robert Corcoran who practices in New Jersey. Bob, who has handled many high net worth divorce cases including cases [...]

How To Choose The Right Attorney For Your Divorce

There are many factors to consider when selecting a lawyer to handle your divorce. One factor which is sometimes overlooked is your personality type and your lawyer's personality type. Some clients seem to gravitate to [...]

February 2016

Divorce Tips: 20 Good Reasons To Get A Divorce

There are some really good reasons for getting a divorce that you may not have thought about. What are they?