Celebrity Divorce

October 2016

Athletes And Divorce: Eleven Causes Of Break Ups Among Athletes

There are a number of studies that indicate that professional athletes divorce at a significantly higher rate than does the general population. These studies were mention in Sports Illustrated and in The New York Times.

While the divorce rate among Americans is approximately fifty percent, pro athletes divorce at a rate that is approximately seventy percent.

Most of these studies have focused on marriages involving a male athlete married to a female. Perhaps this is because there are […]

Divorce And Family Law As An Art Form In North Carolina


I recently interviewed Attorney Patrick McCroskey regarding the management of high net worth divorces like the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie case, which is currently receiving a lot of media attention.

Mr. McCroskey has been practicing family law for twenty-one years. He received his undergraduate degree at University of North Carolina and his law degree at Duke University.

The recipient of many prestigious awards, Mr. McCroskey, who has handled many high net worth divorces, likes family law […]

Kaine Fisher, Esq. Comments On Brad And Angelina Divorce

A number of law firms that are members of HighNetWorthDivorces.com have been interviewed regarding the high visibility, celebrity divorce involving Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Attorney Kaine Fisher of the Rose Law Group in Scottsdale, Arizona had the following thoughts on this case:

1.  What kinds of high net worth cases have you handled? 

I have represented high net worth clients ranging from professional athletes, celebrities, musicians, business owners, entrepreneurs, and other high level professionals, such […]

Considering A Divorce In Wake County? Meet The Divorce Sherpa

A Sherpa is someone who prepares climbers for a treacherous journey and guides climbers up and down dangerous paths, frightening terrain in the challenging altitude of the Himalayan Mountains.

Jill Jackson, Attorney At Law at the prestigious law firm of Tharrington, Smith in Raleigh, NorthCarolina, views herself as a “Divorce Sherpa” who guides people through the legal and emotional challenges that accompany the dissolution of a marriage.

This is a wonderful way to think about the practice of […]

August 2016

Professional Athletes And Divorce

Over the years, I have counseled a number of athletes who have decided to terminate their marriages.
Several years ago, I was consulted in a divorce matter involving two professional basketball players who had married one another and had several children together.
In this instance, the wife was willing to settle the matter for what seemed to be reasonable terms, according to her lawyer.
The husband, on the other hand, was transforming the divorce process into a contest […]