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Marriage Counseling For Professional Athletes

October 2016

Athletes And Divorce: Eleven Causes Of Break Ups Among Athletes

There are a number of studies that indicate that professional athletes divorce at a significantly higher rate than does the general population. These studies were mention in Sports Illustrated and in The New York Times.

While the divorce rate among Americans is approximately fifty percent, pro athletes divorce at a rate that is approximately seventy percent.

Most of these studies have focused on marriages involving a male athlete married to a female. Perhaps this is because there are […]

August 2016

Professional Athletes And Divorce

Over the years, I have counseled a number of athletes who have decided to terminate their marriages.
Several years ago, I was consulted in a divorce matter involving two professional basketball players who had married one another and had several children together.
In this instance, the wife was willing to settle the matter for what seemed to be reasonable terms, according to her lawyer.
The husband, on the other hand, was transforming the divorce process into a contest […]

January 2016

Considering A Divorce? Who Should You Call First?

Besides Reaching Out To The Best Lawyer You Can Find

You May Need To Have Contact With The Following People

During The Course Of Your High Net Worth Divorce


A high net worth divorce can impact many aspects of your life.
It is important to take care of yourself and all your needs as you travel down what can be a bumpy road with a lot of questions, conflict and stressors.
It is a good idea to […]

Considering A Divorce? What Do Wealthy People Fight About?

What do wealthy people fight about in divorce?

Professional Athletes And Divorce

There is some research to indicate that professional athletes divorce at a higher rate than does the rest of the population.
Some sociologists and psychologists attribute this divorcing behavior to fame, fortune, travel, being away from home, adoration by fans and groupies and significant amounts of temptation.
Like the rest of the married population, drug abuse and alcohol abuse can contribute to the demise of a marriage.
Other therapists and social scientists believe that some pro athletes have […]