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Marriage Counseling

January 2016

Professional Athletes And Divorce

There is some research to indicate that professional athletes divorce at a higher rate than does the rest of the population.
Some sociologists and psychologists attribute this divorcing behavior to fame, fortune, travel, being away from home, adoration by fans and groupies and significant amounts of temptation.
Like the rest of the married population, drug abuse and alcohol abuse can contribute to the demise of a marriage.
Other therapists and social scientists believe that some pro athletes have […]

Before You Divorce Talk To Your Spouse

A divorce can be expensive, time consuming and emotionally painful for you and for your family.

Many couples who are in distress have communication problems.

And some couples can benefit from changing the way they talk to one another in order to improve their relationship.

Here is a newspaper article that appeared in my weekly column some time ago.

Many couples who come to see me for marriage counseling report that they are

having communication problems. These communication problems frequently

involve […]

Dr. Jay Granat Interviews Famous Attorney Barry Slotnick

Last week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Barry Slotnick, the highly respected, New York based lawyer.
Mr. Slotnick has appeared in many major media outlets and has handled some high net worth divorces.
He outlined some great divorce tips for couples who are considering divorce.
In addition to being a believer in the value of prenuptial agreements, he emphasized the importance of recognizing the concept of fairness in the divorce process.
He also shared my viewpoint on the […]