October 2016

Kaine Fisher, Esq. Comments On Brad And Angelina Divorce

A number of law firms that are members of have been interviewed regarding the high visibility, celebrity divorce involving Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Attorney Kaine Fisher of the Rose Law Group in Scottsdale, Arizona had the following thoughts on this case:

1.  What kinds of high net worth cases have you handled? 

I have represented high net worth clients ranging from professional athletes, celebrities, musicians, business owners, entrepreneurs, and other high level professionals, such […]

Top Family Lawyers/Authors Wanted

EIN News

Family attorneys who want to get more high net worth divorce cases can showcase their skills, publicize books, videos, articles, and attract more clients.

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More than fifty family law firms have joined this site.

Recently, was featured in more than one hundred media outlets.

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September 2016

Who Are The 50 Best Lawyers In The US To Handle High Net Worth Divorces?

Press Release from PR Web.

Announcing a new directory and referral service to connect Family Law Firms that handle high net worth clients in need of legal help.

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Who Are The 50 Best Lawyers To Handle Your Divorce?

For Immediate Release

New York, NY-More than fifty law firms from around the United States are now members of

These lawyers have years of experience with complicated high net worth divorce cases, a strong on line presence as well as a high AAVO rating.

Some of the member attorneys have written books and have created informative and educational videos and articles on divorce and topics related to family law.

One member has written a book on the […]

Dr. Jay Granat Featured In Texas Bar Journal

Jay P. Granat, Ph.D. psychotherapist, author and Founder of, was recently featured in The Texas Bar Journal.

In this piece, Dr. Granat shows family lawyers how to build their firm without spending any money on advertising, marketing or public relations.

This simple psychological tip can be implemented during your next initial consultation with a client.

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If you want to join, give Dr. Granat a call at 201 647-9191.

How To Build Your Family Law Firm Without Spending A Penny

Here is a link to an article that I wrote which was featured in the Texas Bar Journal.

August 2016

Gum Hillier And McCroskey Join

The prestigious North Carolina law firm based in Asheville, North Carolina has joined We are delighted to have this firm which handles a wide range of family law matters including: Cooperative Divorces, Complex Divorces, Property Settlements, Alimony, Child Custody, Child Support, Prenuptial Agreement and Domestic Violence. The contact attorney is Patrick McCroskey. You can learn about Mr. McCroskey here.

December 2015

How To Save Your Marriage

Before you consider getting a divorce, you may want to explore marriage counseling.

Here are a few simple tips that may get your relationship on a better path.

Dr. Jay Granat Interviews Attorney Robert Corcoran On Surviving Your Divorce

Robert Corcoran, prominent divorce attorney discusses sixteen tips to help survive a divorce in an interview with psychotherapist, author and founder of and