Legal fees in a high net worth divorce or in any divorce can become very expensive.

Many attorneys in metropolitan areas charge more than four or five hundred dollars per hour for their services.

If you are loaded with anger, seeking revenge and trying to get back at your spouse, your divorce will become quite expensive from a financial standpoint and an emotional standpoint.

In short, the angrier you are the more expensive the process will become.

Conversely, if you are reasonable, fair minded and wanting to end the suffering and get on with your life, your divorce is more apt to proceed in a more pleasant manner.

In addition to working with a skilled attorney who you are comfortable with, you may want to consider counseling with a therapist. You may also find it useful to join a support group comprised of people who are going through the same process.

In some instances, clients prefer to be in all male or all female group. In my view, a heterogeneous group comprised of men and women can be quite therapeutic.

Remember, anger can be thought of as the cancer of emotions.  Learn how to manage your feelings and how to heal from the emotional wounds that a divorce can create in a person.

Last, I have helped thousands of people go through this process and many of them do quite well ninety days after the process ends.

They learn how to heal, how to be more autonomous and how to form new and healthier intimate relationships.

Jay P. Granat, Ph.D. LMFT, Founder,
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