Having counseled thousands of patients who are experiencing marital discord, there is one feeling that many couples express when they come for treatment.

When I ask them if they both they feel unappreciated by their spouse, lover or significant other, both members of the dyad usually respond with a resounding yes and with a vigorous nod of their heads.

This is a clear sign that your relationship is in distress.

If you and your partner are feeling unloved and unappreciated, this may indicate that  a good place to begin to repair and rebuild your relationship is by treating each other with kindness, dignity and respect more frequently.

In addition, I frequently ask couples to identify what each member and each other need to change, modify or  fix  to begin to repair and rebuild their relationship.

Jay P. Granat, Ph.D., Psychotherapist, LMFT, Founder, www.HighNetWorthDivorces.com.