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Meet Dr. Jay Granat

Dr. Jay Granat has had articles appear in:

  • Legal Economics
  • The New York State Bar Journal
  • The New Jersey Law Journal
  • The National Law Journal
  • The Pennsylvania Bar Journal

He has lectured on the psychology of marketing, advertising and public relations to several bar associations and to the New Jersey Institute of Continuing Legal Education.

One law firm grew from two offices to seven using Granat’s marketing methods.

Granat, a former university professor, has written six books, including a text book on the psychology of advertising.

Dr. Granat, a psychotherapist and a licensed marriage and family therapist, understands the psychology of divorce and marital discord very clearly.

Dr. Granat has developed several successful internet businesses and he has been able to secure placement in top tier publications as well as radio and television programs including:

  • The New York Times
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Good Morning America
  • USA Today
  • The International Herald Tribune
  • ESPN
  • Fox Radio
  • Chicago Tribune

Granat has also written a weekly column for five newspapers for many years. He plans to use his media contacts to enhance the image of

So, if you want to attract more lucrative cases, expand your practice, enhance your image and increase your profits, reach out to us now.

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