Approximately ninety percent of all divorce cases now settle before ever going to trial, according to several attorneys who are members of

Court systems throughout much of the country are encouraging spouses to participate in mediation and to settle their differences without going to trial.

In addition, the general public is now beginning to understand the value and benefits of mediation, collaborative divorce and cooperative divorce.

These approaches to divorce save consumers of legal services a great deal of time, money and energy. They can also save clients and attorneys a great deal of stress.

Moreover, family courts in many counties are overwhelmed and overburdened with more cases than they can handle in a timely manner.

According to Jay P. Granat, Ph.D. Psychotherapist, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Founder of,

“In many states, divorce law makes it pretty easy to determine how assets and monies will be divided when a marriage is dissolved.   Some lawyers tell me there is a formula regarding assets, division of property, child support and alimony.

Consequently, it makes little sense to fight over things you are not entitled to and will probably not get from the court system.”

People who bring their anger and emotional wounds to the divorce process can spend a lot of money, time and energy foolishly trying to heal by getting back at their husband or wife.

The angrier you are, the more expensive this process can become,” says Granat.

According to Steven Rubenstein, Attorney at Law in Montvale, New Jersey, In New Jersey, 98%-99% of all divorce cases settle before going to trial. Prior to scheduling a final hearing, most cases are sent to economic mediation by the court. Potential litigants should seriously consider mediating their case before filing a Complaint for Divorce. If you are going to end up in mediation anyway, why not do it sooner rather than later, and try to avoid incurring the very significant cost associated with litigation?”

Mr. Rubenstein, a very experienced family lawyer believes, that the trend toward mediation is causing most cases in America to be resolved by meditation.

People considering divorce can benefit from consulting with attorneys who believe in mediation, collaborative divorce and cooperative divorce.

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