Ask anyone what the divorce rate is in America and most people will say 50 percent. While accurate, this statistic is misleading because it lumps all people and marriages into one category. But divorce rates fluctuate depending on the age of people at the time of marriage, whether it is their first marriage, how many children they have and – perhaps most importantly – what jobs the couples hold.

Divorce rates are highest among young men and women who are under age 30 when they get married. First marriages usually last longer than subsequent marriages and divorce rates are lower among couples with children. While these statistics may seem reasonable, certain professions also correlate with the likelihood of a divorce. Numerous couples cite their reasons for divorce as the spouse’s occupation.


Law Enforcement

Some surveys show divorce rates as high as 75 percent among people who have jobs in law enforcement. Long hours, shift work and stress place a toll on a marriage. Law enforcement officials work 12 to 16-hour days, nights, weekends and holidays. The job of police officers is never really done. As a result, the spouse who does not work in law enforcement assumes additional responsibility for the household and family because of the absentee spouse.



Divorce rates among celebrities are high, from 70 to 78 percent. Celebrities, such as dancers, singers, actors and even athletes are on center stage for the world to see. They earn a high salary, travel regularly and have their own fan base. People idolize them and want to be with them. Consequently, celebrity spouses cite infidelity and lack of honesty as reasons for divorce.


Manufacturing Industry

Jobs in the manufacturing industry require long hours. Historically, men worked in factories and manufacturing, but that changed as more females entered the workforce. Add to that the fact that the majority of factory workers are underpaid, overworked and do not have a college degree, factors that contribute to marital distress. Couples with financial struggles tend to divorce at higher rates than couples that do not. People with a lack of formal education also tend to have shorter marriages.


Medical Professionals

Physicians, nurses, psychologists and other medical professionals generally feel a calling to their field. This is an excellent attribute in their professional lives, but may become a problem in their personal lives. Many people who work in the medical field take their work home with them due to the great responsibility they feel toward their patients. However, this professional sense of duty often leaves spouses feeling ignored.


Travel Industry

People whose jobs require frequent travel, such as pilots, flight attendants and even military personnel have statistically higher divorce rates than other occupations. Airline workers are typically away from home for up to a week at a time, which puts a burden on the other spouse. Military personnel may be stationed overseas, sent for training or go on tours of duty that leave their family members home alone. When couples live separate lives, the chances of them staying together are diminished.

courtesy of San Diego Divorce Center