A number of law firms that are members of HighNetWorthDivorces.com have been interviewed regarding the high visibility, celebrity divorce involving Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Attorney Kaine Fisher of the Rose Law Group in Scottsdale, Arizona had the following thoughts on this case:

1.  What kinds of high net worth cases have you handled? 

I have represented high net worth clients ranging from professional athletes, celebrities, musicians, business owners, entrepreneurs, and other high level professionals, such as physicians and attorneys.  But that’s not the only focus of my practice.  I’m generally willing to assist anyone who might be experiencing a family law issue or dispute. 

2.  How long are you in practice? 

I have been handling high net wort and high-conflict family law matters in Arizona for over a decade. 

3.  Why does the pubic have so much interest in these high profile cases?

These cases involve glamour, fame, and extreme wealth – things most people don’t get to experience on any level in their own day-to-day lives. For these reasons the general public is fascinated by these people and their lifestyles. We are a curious culture and a bit insecure I would say. We love it when the people we are intrigued by have their personal problems put on display. It makes us all feel better. 

4.  What role will the media play in this case?

Certainly media will continue to cover the story, creating above-all the need for the divorce to conclude as privately as possible to protect the children.

5.  Do you know the lawyers representing both sides?  If yes, what do you think of them? 

I do not know these lawyers personally.

6.  Do you feel it will settle or go to trial?

My guess is that this case will settle behind closed doors as most Hollywood divorces do. Rarely do you see a highly publicized celebrity divorce trial. There is good reason for this. Although sometimes negative information is intentionally leaked by one spouse about the other spouse to gain an advantage for settlement negotiations, for the most part, Brad and Angelina aren’t going to want their dirty laundry displayed for the whole world to see. 

You can reach Mr. Fisher at the roselawgroup.com