Family lawyers who handle high net worth divorce cases are frequently involved in cases that require ongoing, extensive and expensive litigation.

These kinds of cases generate a lot of billable hours and they require that the attorney and the client have a good working relationship throughout the process.

Building this kind of relationship often starts with the initial consultation.

And there is one simple thing lawyers can do to help to solidify their relationship with a new high net worth divorce client, or for that matter any client after the initial meeting.

The first consultation between a matrimonial attorney and a client who is considering a divorce can be quite upsetting and quite emotional.

The client may be frightened and he or she may get some news that is hard to accept.

The fees involved, the time involved, the financial exposure, custody issues, visitation, child support, alimony, loss of income, loss of a business or practice, loss of a home and the end of a long term relationship can be quite overwhelming, even for a well-adjusted person.

The client can often leave the lawyer’s office feeling frightened, anxious, depressed and devastated.

However, there is one simple thing that a lawyer can do to help his or her client to feel better and to strengthen the crucial lawyer-client relationship.

A day after the initial consultation, the lawuye should simply call the client and reiterate the fact that the initial meeting can be very upsetting and ask the client how he or she is feeling and if there is anything else that the attorney can do to be helpful in this matter

In addition, this is a good time to remind the client that you are available to answer any questions and your plan is to be as supportive as possible to the client while you act as an assertive advocate for them.

This follow up call is a lot like the call that a physician may make to a patient after the patient has undergone a medical procedure.

This kind of outreach helps the medical patient or the client to feel that the professional is a human being who genuinely cares about their case, their family and their well-being.

Moreover, the client probably does not expect this kind of call.

This type of contact will help the client to feel good about the attorney and his or her firm. It will also increase the likelihood that the existing client refers friends and family members to the proactive and empathic attorney.

In short, this is a simple practice building technique with no cost and with a possible large return on your investment of nothing more than a little time.

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