Jay P. Granat, Ph.D., LMFT
Psychotherapist, Author, Founder
HighNetWorthDivorces.com, StayInTheZone.com

Several years ago, a journalist asked me for my thoughts on the main reasons couples seek out marriage counseling and/or legal advice.

Here are the most common concerns which clients have presented to me during my more than twenty five years in practice.

It should be noted that many couples who seek out therapists and lawyers are struggling with multiple issues simultaneously.

  1.  Communication Problems
  2.  Infidelity
  3.  Sexual Problems
  4.  Substance Abuse
  5.  Alcohol Abuse
  6.  Verbal or Emotional Abuse
  7.  Physical Abuse
  8.  Conflicts Regarding Money
  9.  Parenting Conflicts
  10.  Untreated Mental Illness Or Personality Disorders
  11.  Conflict With In Laws And Extended Family Members
  12.  Conflict Regarding Money
  13.  Trust Issues Due To Lying And Deception
  14.  Addiction To Pornography
  15.  Feeling Unloved Or Unappreciated
  16.  Inability To Resolve Conflict
  17.  An Unwillingness To Forgive, Forget and Move Forward
  18.  An Inability To Compromise
  19.  Conflicts Over Religion
  20.  Difficulties Compromising And Functioning As A Team

This list is not in order of most common to least common. Rather, it is a general list highlighting the common themes presented by clients who often seek out therapists and attorneys.