Insurance companies and patients frequently seek out second opinions where medical cases are concerned.

A second opinion has great value and importance in the field of medicine.

Similarly, a second opinion can play an important role in the field of family law.

Professionals from the field of and medicine and law can have a profound impact on a person’s well being.

Consequently, choosing the wrong attorney, like choosing the wrong doctor, can have disastrous and serious consequences.

Conversely, connecting with the right attorney can help to minimize the stress that can accompany a complex divorce involving significant assets and a challenging custody battle.

Before hiring a divorce attorney, it may make sense to interview several skilled matrimonial lawyers. Have a list of questions to ask the lawyer so you can get a sense as to how the lawyer will communicate with you and they will handle your case.

Getting a few opinions before retaining a law firm can help a person to better understand how the divorce process works in their county.

Similarly, it is often a good idea to get a second opinion once you have selected your family lawyer.

During complex and protracted divorce litigation, it is often wise to seek out another expert to see if they agree with the strategy and tactics. Bringing in an additional legal consultant can sometimes help you and your lawyer to get on the same page and be better teammates as the litigation moves forward.

Also, there are often several different, but sensible ways to manage a case. Another set of legal eyes and legal ears may uncover some additional tactics that they help to move a case in a positive direction.

“A confident and skilled attorney often will welcome a second opinion as a way to get a client comfortable with the strategy and the process,” according to attorney Samuel J. Ferrara.

Mr. Ferrara, who is based in Nassau County, has been practicing family law for many years and is a member of

A top litigator and negotiator, Mr. Ferrara has Fellowship Status in the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and was named on of the Ten Leaders in Family Law, as well as being designated as a New York Super Lawyer since 2008, a distinction earned by only five percent of the lawyers in the New York metro area.

He handles cases in Nassau County and Suffolk County.

Brian P. McCann, Esq. who practices in Bergen County, New Jersey, and who has many years of experience in family law, is also a believer in the value and importance of a second opinion.

According to Attorney McCann, “The legal decisions you make, particularly in a divorce setting, could have enormous, life changing consequences long after your divorce matter is resolved.  Getting a second opinion before deciding on a course of action could be the difference between achieving a reasonable, positive result or making a mistake that negatively impacts you both financially and emotionally.”

Like Mr. Ferrara, Mr. McCain is also a member

So, if you are considering divorce, consider getting a second opinion before you start the process.

Also, if you are involved in a divorce case and feel stuck, reach out to another skilled practitioner to explore some options that may help you to get the desired outcome you are seeking in your legal matter.