There is a lot of outstanding legal talent in the Garden State and in Bergen County in particular.

In my marriage counseling practice, I frequently refer clients to various law firms in New Jersey and in New York.

I have known Robert Corcoran, Esq. for quite some time and there are a few things I like about him and about his law firm.

First, Bob has many years of experience in family law. He knows all the judges and all of the lawyers who practice in this area of the law.

Bob, who loves sports, describes Bergen County as “his home field.”

Second, Mr. Corcoran has represented prominent physicians, professional athletes and hedge fund managers. These high net worth divorce cases can be quite complicated and challenging. Handling these kinds of disputes effectively says something very positive about Bob and his team of lawyers.

Third, Bob knows how to settle cases, but he also knows how to fight for his client in order to protect them if he needs to.

Fourth, Bob is a rather charismatic individual who is skilled at persuading judges and juries. When I first met him, I thought he was “the quintessential Irish gentleman.”

If you are considering a divorce, and if you have significant assets, Robert Corcoran is the kind of lawyer it makes sense to talk to before you start the process.

Jay P. Granat, Ph.D.