New York, NY-Outstanding divorce lawyers are needed to appear in a new documentary film and video about the legal aspects surrounding divorce in The United States.

The film is being produced by

Only fifty highly qualified attorneys will be interviewed in this film.

The site will be featured on,, YouTube, a wide range of relevant web sites, social media and mass media.

The video will be disseminated to journalists, news media and to websites that focus on family law, divorce and related topics.

Lawyers will be able to include the film or clips from the film on their websites.

They can also give copies of the video to clients, colleagues and referral sources as a promotional tool.

This is an opportunity to attract more clients, enhance your image and gain more recognition for your firm.

Lawyers who appear in the video can also have an opportunity to be featured in articles and interviews on

Lawyers with high Martindale Hubbell ratings and impressive AVVO ratings will be asked questions about the following kinds of issues. Attorneys can pick the areas that they are most interested in commenting on in for this project.

-Managing high net worth divorces

-Divorce trends in America

-Do you need a board certified family lawyers or matrimonial lawyer?

-Celebrity divorce

-Divorce involving athletes

-Managing the media in a high net worth divorce

-Litigation and divorce

-Divorce mediation

-How to win a custody battle

-Division of assets

-Prenuptial agreements

-Postnuptial agreements

-Golden age divorces

-Parenting issues

-Grandparent rights

-Civil unions

-Gay marriage


-Child support

-Questions you need to ask a lawyer in your first meeting

-How to choose the best lawyer for your case

-Custody evaluations

-Divorce and substance abuse

-Divorce and alcoholism

-Infidelity and divorce

-Divorce involving mental illness

-How to represent a client with borderline personality disorder

-How to represent a client with narcissistic personality disorder

-How to negotiate with a mentally ill person

-The role of counseling and psychotherapy in a divorce

-What do you do with a cheating spouse?

-Domestic violence and divorce

-How long does it take to heal from a divorce?

-Child abuse and divorce

-Restraining orders

-Orders of protection

-Child abuse and divorce

-Supervised visits

-When should you change your lawyer?

-Collaborative divorce

-Cooperative divorce

-Litigate or mediate

-When do you need a private investigator?

-When do you need a forensic accountant?

-How do you know if you have the wrong attorney

-Managing the stress of divorce

-When to move out of your home

-How to protect a family business

-How to protect a professional practice

-Pornography and divorce

-How to parent in a divorce

-How long does the process take?

-What will it cost?

-How pays for college?

-Who gets the house?

-What about health insurance, life insurance

-Tax implications of divorce

-The role of expert witnesses

-How do you know if you and your lawyer have a good relationship?

-Should I work with a large firm or a small firm?

-Is it good if my lawyer and my spouse’s lawyer know each other?

-How do you know if you have the right judge for your case?

-What can I do to get emotional support as I go through a divorce?

-How do I know if I need counseling to get through a divorce?

-My spouse is in a cash business, how will we find out his real income and net worth?

-Infertility And The Law: Who owns the embryos in a divorce?

-Financial planning and divorce



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Attorneys who want to appear in this video should call Jay P. Granat, Ph.D., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Founder of at 201 647-9191 to reserve their spot in the film.

Dr. Granat will also be glad to answer any questions regarding this project. Simply email him at

Attorneys can also email him at